This Jelly needs your help!

Help Gweep Gwop launch herself through puzzling levels in order to reunite her with her best friend Peanut Butter. By navigating through the inner workings of a power plant, help the cutest radioactive piece of strawberry jelly you will ever meet, Gweep Gwop. After falling from a worker's sandwich and landing on a glowing gem, Gweep Gwop is brought to life somewhere deep within the power plant. Gweep Gwop has only one thought, "I miss my best friend, Peanut Butter."

                                                                                                                           Free to Play and Available Now!

Screen Shot of Rating Screen

Five Challenging Worlds!

There are 5 areas in the factory that Gweep must navigate. Each area has it's own challenges to overcome. Every world consists of thirty puzzling levels. Can you obtain the Rainbow Toast rating on them all?

Screen Shot of World 1

Three Throw Types!

Gweep finds a spoon and straw on this journey through the factory that will help her escape. The regular shot is for close throws. The spoon is for tricky throws and bending the bendable pipe. The straw is for far shots and breaking through the breakable hazard.