Are you prepared?

    Dungeon Runners is a 1-6 player table top game for novice and experienced players alike. Discover the dungeon as you play, making each run different than the last!

Dungeon Runners Box

Dungeon Runners Box

If you are interested in learning how to play Dungeon Runners, click the button below to view it's rule book.

Quests and Encounters!

Encounters, Quests, and Events!

During a play through of Dungeon Runners the players will run into a variety of things. Encounters are spaces where the player could trigger a trap, or battle a creature of the dungeon. Quests will test players with specific tasks to complete or with epic monsters to battle for epic treasures. But beware! As each round the dungeon takes a turn as well. The events range from healing players to a cave in, destroying part of the dungeon.

Mock Game Set Up

Solo or Co-op Campaign!

Play through the campaign solo! Simply take control of two heroes and battle your way to the boss. Or team up with five of your friends and run the dungeon! There are six unique heroes  and lots of treasure to find! With the right gear equipped, the players will enhance their abilities or discover new ones! Make sure you are geared up before you attempt to take out the boss!

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